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Welcome To Findaballer


Findaballer is a sports training and staffing company. We recruit, train, and staff public and private facilities with vetted instructors from all sports. We believe sports not only build confidence, but also communities.

Findaballer has been serving communities in Monmouth county and the Borough of Brooklyn NY. With offices in Wall Township NJ, and Boerum Hill Brooklyn, we are focused on serving our community and all communities looking to enrich the youth with the gift of sport.


We are here to provide our youth and community pathways to new opportunities by recruiting and staffing instructors for sports and league programs. Every community make up differs in the standing opportunity society presents. We wish to help provide an opportunity for quality service and empowerment.
Findaballer inc was founded to give all communities rich opportunities to help facilitate sports and league programs.

“Findaballer is the first of its kind. A youth & community services company which recruits and staffs instructors for sports and league programs to all of the surrounding community. We strive to bring our community together through activity, service, and development.”

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I have had the pleasure of being around Blake and Findaballer since early in high school and I can truly say I have had nothing but positive experiences. The passion for the game is evident everywhere throughout Findaballer, and it shows through in the energy and consistent attention to detail put forward in every training session. From learning the basics of ball handling, footwork and shooting to more advances skill training they helped me improve my game at every stage of my development. In addition to training sessions Findaballer constantly captured the top moments on court of both my teammates and myself. I continue to value the lessons I learned from Findaballer today not only on the court but in my everyday life. Blake taught me what it truly means to be dedicated to improving yourself and the relentless passion day in and day out required to do so.

Alex Geiger
Alex Geiger

We have been working with Dwayne and Findaballer for a few years, he is a pleasure to work with and is very professional. He is always well prepared, keeps the kids engaged and encourages them to excel in the skills they are working on… all with a smile on his face!

Upside Sports
Upside Sports

I have known Blake and Findaballer since Middle School and I could not be more pleased with the relationship and results we have had together over the years. Findaballer does a fantastic job of pushing you to become the best you can be, while focusing on the fundamentals of the sport to improve your game. The training sessions are intense and demand that you bring your maximum effort every time you step on the court. During my high school career, the results of Findaballer showed on the court and were recorded on film to help prepare me for the future. The commitment and passion for the game of basketball from Findaballer cannot be compared anywhere else.

Thomas Famulari
Thomas Famulari

Working with FindABaller allowed me the opportunity to encounter some great hard working kids and also helped me to gain a better understanding of the game of basketball. Blake is extremely knowledgeable and challenges you to push the envelope in order to reach your full potential. Before working with Blake I was very athletic and hard working but lacked specific skills necessary to advance me to the next level. Blake helped me to target these problematic areas and eventually sharpen my skill level. After spending many early mornings and late nights in the gym I can now say that I am 100% a better person, player and teammate.

Jamiyah Bethune
Jamiyah Bethune

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What is Findaballer?

Findaballer recruits and staffs instructors for various sports programs and activities.

Where are we located?

Our office is located in Wall Township next to our proud sponsor Sterns Trailer.

How far does your service reach?

We are primarily serving the tristate area NY, NJ, PA, with plans to expand our services in the near future.

Why Findaballer?

We understand that is takes a community for an individual to strive. There are five areas of development that we concern ourselves with every client: 1. Academics 2. Athletics 3. Skill 4. Nutrition 5. Character

Office Locations

1333 Wyckoff Rd,
Wall Township, NJ 07753

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